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The less-than-glorious adventures of the cowardly rogue Taurgan

i was getting ready to boast of three wins in a row, when i lost a CL35+ half orc paladin to the Learnean Hydra massively OOD at DL36, then a dunedain mage CL33 to a breather, then a human rogue at CL29 discovered that gorgimaeras can paralize, and i thought "heck, only overpowered class-race combinations can win this blasted game", and thus i present you with:

Taurgan - the level 1 half-orc rogue.

this will be a mana-less build, with 18/20 STR, 10 INT, 7 WIS, 18/20 DEX, 10 CON, by putting 12 points into STR and 8 into DEX.

I've previously had success with doing 6 STR 6 DEX 2 INT and 6 CON, which gives me Identify around CL19~20 (normally CL18). And as i was running a paladin - a class which i profoundly detest - i was dreading the thought of making a dunedain and needing to grind endlessly for XP, so i decided on a half orc for the STR bonus. And why not, it's not like the paladin can rely consistently on spells during the early levels. SO, instead i played it as a somewhat weaker warrior.

This rogue will be an experiment, following the previous - 2.7 blows starting , will invest heavily in potions of brawn and nimbleness, and no mana at all until .. not sure, but it will be a while.

In Town: i buy 4 !Ph, 6 CLW, 1 CSW, 2 extra food and 2 extra torches. I briefly contemplate selling my Mage1.

there will be grinding.


i find and kill Fang, which immediately bumps me up to CL4, 43hp, 0sp. I also in the same room find a sling +2,+1.

I now could go down, but i want to ID first !Spd and ?DD, the first to use for any Uniques, and the latter to avoid getting dived when i'm around DL10 or so, still underlevelled.

It's grinding time; i run DL1 twice and ID !blind, !pois, DD, Spd (by selling, and i then buy it back), and i find a new sling +3,+4 and a dagger +4,+4.

I hit CL5 and a streak of luck brings me to 58hp, 1sp. I find a Sling of Accuracy, not the best ever at +15,+6 but still decent, and decide to look for stairs.
"i can take this dracolich"
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