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Fake ASCII Tile Set

Okay, this is an attempt at a fake ASCII tile set I've been fooling around with. I've mostly been using it to figure out what I'm doing and create a clean template for future tile sets, but it should be fully playable as it stands. It's intended to display at 8x16 font size, but the tiles are made 16x16 so it can be swapped in for the current 16x16 set in 3.1.2v2 without needing to mess with the source code. (With apologies to Adam Bolt!)

I've mostly tried to keep it true to the original ASCII, with a few minor tweaks:

- Clear and colour-changing creatures are represented by the standard ASCII letter with a different coloured border. (White with a grey border for clear, shades of green for disenchanters, shades of blue for multi-hued.) This is what a multi-hued dragon pit looks like:

- I've added the colour pink to the palette, which is used for chaos monsters, a few items, a couple of other cases where there were multiple monsters using identical red symbols, and to distinguish treasure in a quartz vein (pink) from treasure in a magma vein (orange).

- I also altered a few other colours and symbols in the name of making things easier to distinguish at a glance. Hopefully it should all be helpful rather than leading to any nasty surprises.

You should be able to grab the tiles from here:

In theory there's both a Windows and a Mac version included, but I have no way of testing the Mac one so I can't guarantee it works. The Windows version has been playtested to the best of my ability, although I haven't been able to check all of the rare artefact jewellery, dragon scale mails or Morgoth artefacts. Also, note that this doesn't implement the green dot delineation of trap-detected areas, so watch out for that if you've got used to relying on it.

...I'm attempting to do about 15 new things at once in this post, so if anyone can have a go at testing this to see if it works, it would be much appreciated.
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