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Random Question

Because I am a curious kind of guy, I started wondering, after my first couple instances of YASD (for those who don't know what that acronym means, it stands for Yet Another Stupid Death... instances where you SHOULD have seen the Reaper coming and headed him off at the pass, but didn't)... IS there such a thing as a truly unavoidable death on D1? Could it really happen?

I started thinking about it. Well, what would count as truly unavoidable? First, it would have to be a situation where none of the early game panic buttons were working. This means that SoPD, SoWoR, PoS and all those would have to be effectively useless as a means of escape. Granted, SoWoR is kinda useless as a TRUE panic button due to the delay anyway, but even then, you can often hedge if you are a good player until it actually triggers, even in desperate circumstances. So, it would have to be a situation where you were blind or confused (can't read scrolls), and where you were movement restricted somehow, or facing enemies that are faster than you would be using the PoS.

Second, it couldn't be something that you could have seen coming. If it's something you could have avoided preemptively, it wasn't, by definition, unavoidable. While this condition is highly unlikely ever to be met, it IS possible that you could have a situation where no method of detection was available to you at the start of the game, so technically, it's still doable.

Last but not least, it would have to be a situation where, if actually caught in it, death would be nearly instant. If you can buy yourself even a little time chugging healing potions, you can often think your way out of something that would kill you if you had even a few less turns to maneuver.

I still don't think it can happen. However, depending on how teleport trap works, it might. It would require a combination of many unlucky factors, but it could. When a character gets teleported, do they automatically get the first move, like they do when they come up or down stairs? If so, then I can't think of a single truly unavoidable death. But if NOT, then I have already come up with one; a situation where even the most skilled player would be utterly helpless.
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