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Seany C
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Favourite / hated classes?

I just realised (when reading some ladder dumps) that I've probably played about 4 Warriors in 11 years of 'banding. Basically, I started with a Warrior playnng Moria in ye olden days and hated the lack of detection and ranged spells so much that I switched to spellcasters and never moved back. On the same grounds, I've hardly ever played Half-Orcs/Half-Trolls either...

Anyone else have particular bugbears about certain classes or races*?

*'banding ones, before this goes all BNP...
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I have never played a single warrior character in my entire banding career. I'm just not interested. I prefer rangers, paladins and priests. I was especially fond of Ey bards, thou.
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I rarely if ever play priests...not sure why...but I'll play just about any other variants like Ey, Cth or Z I like playing characters that can "change"...beastmen, broo, angels/demons etc....rarely win with them but they are constantly different...
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DaJAngband Maintainer
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I've had a halfway decent game (for me) with every vanilla class except the mage. Mages die way too easily for me, I think I've gotten far enough to get the identify spell twice. Since I'm someone who likes veriety, I still try mages sometimes and I've never gotten anywhere, but now I've got the urge to try one again..

just tried a mage in DaJAngband and died on dL3 to a group of wasps

Play DaJAngband:

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I dislike warriors. I'm just so used to magic, can't live without it in V

Haven't tried a rogue either. I've won with other classes in V except warrior and rogue. Maybe I'll give it a try next time
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Well in Vanilla I've always preferred mages(back in the days of GoI) always thought of warriors as being so dumb the first 20 levels are nothing to a warrior, but very hard ot every spell caster. It is much easier to get a warrior going down the dungeon, but very hard managing the inventory as you get deeper. Races? I just let the randomizer choose my race.

In Varients, I love the druids in O, and even have fun with Ent Druids. I also love giving the Rogue/Thief a set trap ability. The Maiar race is to overpowered, even in comparison to V's High-Elf or Dunadain. The Shadow fairy race is fun to try and get a character going, best when used with mage or rogue. In Z I just love the randomness of the Chaos Warrior and Beastman. But, I rarely combine the 2 since a Chaos Warrior rarely keeps his original race. Haven't tried any other varients.
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I used to have fun with High-Elf Warriors in vanilla, back before I was any good (relatively speaking). Now I've gotten so used to playing spellcasters and 'fun' variant-classes that its hard to play warrior-types in Vanilla. Even my Priest's Detect Evil feels inadequate compared to Detect Monsters.
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Pete Mack
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I like Warrior and NPP Rogue/Brigand: all are good for diving fast.
Priest/Paladin is good for a change of pace: bad stealth, different spell set.

I really don't like Mage: bad HP and lousy offense until very late in the game.
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I only play Vanilla, but I like rangers best.
I dislike warriors. Up-close combat is not my strong point, no matter what I play as.
Race, Kobolds. Because they make great rangers, in my opinion. And I think they get a bonus to tunneling, but I'm not sure. Tunneling is how I make money for arrows and food.
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I tend to like the polar opposites...fighters and mages. I like fighters because of the ease at the beginning. I once played a half-troll fighter and didn't know that I was killing monsters with my bare hands until 150' down. I had forgotten to wield my sword.

Mages, on the other hand, are real wimps at the beginning but they can turn into pretty lethal characters if you let them stay on the outskirts and hug the stairs for awhile.

I am currently playing a human ranger, which is turning out to be a nice combination of skull-thumping fighter and long range spell caster.
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