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permanent / family mode?

let's start from the beginning.

i'm not a great player. i get carried away, and when i see a room full of mobs, i yell out loud "DEATH TO THE ORCS" and i charge head first.

as you can imagine, i don't get very far. but i don't let that bring me down.

i would love it if Vanilla added the family option, with permanent artifacts. essentially what this is, is that you get a bigger house (yep), artifacts lost in the dungeon can respawn, and if you die, you start again from CL1, but you get to keep the house, with the items from your last character, although not those dropped in the dungeon.

i understand that this is easier, and in no way similar to the competitive V with turn counts and ironman and such. Eventually, you *will* have everything and just waltz through to Morgoth. Uniques also stay dead once killed.

In my opinion as someone who has played games since way before the "continue" button even existed, before savegames, i think adding easier difficulty modes is the key to dragging in new players to the game.
(and adding harder difficulty modes is the way to retain them .. )

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