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spell casting and line of sight

I just lost a char to a small undead pit. Char was a HT paladin, level 38, dlevel 75, small room with 5x6 or so random undead. I know these rooms can be very dangerous ;-)
I had already killed a Dreadmaster and various other random G, standing in a corridor leading towards the room and killed the first few non wall passers. From detection I knew there was one master lich and 4 'e', I think 2 skull druj and 2 hand druj left (plus random harmless stuff) in the room.
The master lich cast teleport to and then I was hit by water 3 times before I got a turn. 400+ remaining hitpoints to dead.
Key question: the master lich (as any other monster) needs to have line of sight of me in order to cast anything? It is not sufficient, that it just knows where I am (through telepathy or something)?
Bad luck count: I had speed +21, drujs have +10? They cast spells 1 in 2 times? They have multiple spells to choose from, water is only one of them? So what are the odds that 3 out of 4 cast water at me before I get a turn?
Feature request: show the entire dungeon level including all monsters upon death. (I hope this doesn't exist already and I overlooked it). As is I never got to see the spot where my char died and which monsters actually hit me. This feature would also help better understand death from of screen situations.
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