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mage spell organization

There was some talk in the "making V harder II" thread about spells and whether certain spells should be removed, so I thought I would open a new thread for discussion. Obviously the removal of utility spells will affect the inventory of those classes, as mages/rogues/rangers may end up carrying more types of healing potions and all classes will now have to carry food (simpler solution - eliminate hunger).

I went and organized all of the spells categorically. One interesting thing is how many of the useful priest spells repeat throughout books and get upgraded in the later books - for example, with PB4 and PB6, PB1 is obsolete. One thing I would propose is reorganizing the spellbooks, specifically the mage ones. This is also partially motivated at me continually forgetting which books the various bolt and ball spells were in.

See the attached text file for my categorizations and proposed spell lists by book. The changes are also summarized below. Note that I'm suggesting having teleport self in both MB3 and MB7 and haste in MB4 and MB8. If people like these changes, I can modify the 'spell.txt' file and post it here. I know nothing of compiling/coding in C, however.

remove CLW

remove cure poison,
gain acid and fire bolt (MB3),
lose confuse monster, sleep monster, teleport self

remove satisfy hunger,
lose reveal monsters, acid bolt, fire bolt,
gain confuse monster (MB2), sleep monster (MB2), teleport self (MB2), mass sleep (MB4)

lose mass sleep
gain reveal monsters (MB3), cloudkill (MB6), acid ball (MB6)

MB5: no change

lose cloudkill, acid ball
gain earthquake (MB9), bedlam (MB9)

remove stair creation
lose rune of protection,
gain teleport self (MB2)

remove heroism, berserker, elemental brand
gain haste self

lose bedlam, earthquake
gain rune of protection (MB7)

Edit: I took what others had suggested as far as removing spells and also took out cure poison and create stairs.
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