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Sangband "Thief" starter tip?

Hi! Iv'e recently discovered Angband and the awesome variant Sangband, and was wondering, for Sangband, whats a good starting skill set? Usually I'll take one in swordsmanship, one in burglary, and one in stealth and just play it safe on the first few levels for a while.
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I'm currently playing a burglar in comp 125, different races have different advantages but for skills these I have found most useful.

1.Swordsmanship- burglars get to-hit bonuses with light weapons, so I prefer daggers.

2.Archery, or throwing knives are great.
3.Burglary-*Oath of Burglars* grants many bonuses, +2 dex, trap setting, stealing, hit and run.
3.Stealth-able to sneak attack sleeping monsters
4.Dodging-great for evading other thieves and taking less damage from monsters.
5.Perception-this is vaery valuable for sensing doors,traps, monsters, psdo-idea, and gains a ability to magic map surrondings at proper level.
6. Disarming-a must naturally
7.Magic Device-not really nessary but if you want to use wands/rods/staffs then get a decent level in it, don't need to max out.
8.Spell resistance- Can save your life.

The thing about Sang is that everybody has different vision on what they see their character doing, for me it's a dual-wielding melee rogue for Comp 125.

The Crafting skills are also very fun and powerful, but not nesasary. Certain classes are better than others at different skills.
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