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What sort of rings of the Mouse should I look for if I do decide to get one?
Rings of mouse come with a damage penalty and a dex and stealth bonus.

The reason to use them is the stealth bonus. If melee is a consideration, they are usually not worthwhile; if the damage penalty is low and the dex bonus high, the melee damage output might not suffer, especially with a branded weapon, but that is rare.

Since for you melee damage is of almost no concern at this stage, you might as well ruin it completely to get stealth. Defender weapon, the ultimate stat stick, would serve the same purpose.
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The answer is no Pete Mack. I got gypped pretty hard when it came to bows and weapons. Duntir is in okay shape, as he got his two points of strength and quite a few items from stairscumming the heck out of D:40 and so.

Complete N00b’s Journey: Part 5-5

I recalled back to D:32 and kill a pack of white wolves and a shimmering mold to get to level 25. I then learned the Reveal Monsters and the Acid Bolt spell in the toolbox. I then kill a pack of ice trolls at the expense of quite a few arrows and a couple of curing potions of all kinds. I then kill a quasit, a cold vortex, and a pack of giant blue ants and pick up a Potion of Healing. After killing a grave wight while getting experience-drained, I then find the stairs to D:33 and descend, where I find and read-id a scroll of Mass Banishment and get a spare wand of Teleport Other. I then kill a hill giant and get a Rod of Fire Bolts, which I keep for the time being. I then kill a young green dragon and get to D:34, where I dispatch a ring mimic and a young black dragon before doing down to D:35, where I kill Orfax, Son of Boldor, an ogre chieftain, and Orfax’s yeek retinue to pick up a Large Metal Shield of Resistance, the Spear ‘Nimloth’ (1d6) (+11, +13) <+3 Stealth, +3 Speed>, and better Ring of Ice [+12] before I descend due to a horde of mumakil coming my way. I run smack dab into Beorn, the shape changer, prompting me to reload the level by stairdancing. Once there, I read-id a scroll of Teleport Level that sends me back to D:35 and forces me to descend to D:36 again. In that level, I quickly find the stairs to D:37 and descend, where I get a ring of Intelligence and descend again to D:38, as Mim and his sons were very close by.

D:38 was host to a knights Templars and patriarchs, so I reloaded the level and killed a mage and an Easterling Champion to get better Wooden Sandals [1, +6]. I then kill an olog and trip an alarm, prompting me to reload the level again after waking up plenty of dangerous creatures nearby. In the new level, I find and quaff a Potion of Dexterity before I find the downstairs and descend to D:39 to escape a vault full of beholders. D:39 had a banshee that scared me, so I ascend back up to D:38, where I kill a shimmering mold and a young gold dragon to get to level 26. I also use-id a rod of Hold monster and drop it and face down a spectre, who drops a Potion of Wisdom upon death, which I drink. I then descend and kill a bunch of ghouls and a nexus vortex and get a ring of bodykeeping and quickly descend to D:40, where I meet Khim, Son of Mim and retreat back up to D:39, where I kill a shardstorm and teleport away a mystic and quaff-id a potion of enlightenment. I then kill a plasma vortex, an energy vortex, two barrow wights, and a group of giant fire ants. I then face a young black dragon and have my gloves of Free Action damaged and find a potion that was one of Resist Poison when quaffed. I then descend back to D:40, where I kill four phase spiders and find Iron Shod Boots of Free Action [4, +6]. I then kill a black knight and a ranger and find the stairs to D:41, which I take. I teleport away a master vampire and a storm giant on D:41 before finding nothing nearby of note and beginning a tighter cycle of stairdancing. The cycle eventually gets me to level 28, and grants me 2 Potions of Wisdom that I quaff, a Potion of Constitution that I quaff, a Potion of Dexterity that I quaff, a Ring of Strength <+4>, a potion of Nimbleness that grants me dexterity at the cost of wisdom, a better ring of Damage (+0, +11), a Fur Cloack of Stealth [3, +6] <+3 Stealth>, a Potion of Toughness that grants me constitution at the cost of dexterity, a Potion of Brawn that grants me strength at the cost of wisdom, and a Potion of Intelligence, which I quaff, the set of Guantlets ‘Pauraegen’ [3, +14] <+1 light>, a Staff of Speed, and a Potion of Strength, which I quaff while taking out Shagrat the Orc Captain along the way. After running out of arrows, I finally decide to Recall back to Town. Once back, I deposit my gloves of Free Action, my potions of Speed, and my scrolls of Satisfy Hunger and buy 5 Potions of Restore Life Levels and stash them as well. I also buy 3 Scrolls of Word of Recall, 7 scrolls of phase door, 80 standard arrows, 4 Potions of Heroism, a Potion of Cure Serious Wounds, and 4 Potions of Cure Critical Wounds. I then buff up 40 of my arrows with Scrolls of Enchant Weapon To-Dam and buy 20 Potions of Cure Light Wounds. Still no better bow in the stores however. Sigh.

So the next goal is to get to D:43, and try to get two more increases to the strength score, as it’s still pretty pathetic at this point. If I’m looking for potions of Strength or Augmentation, levels at ~D:40 are generally the way to go right?

Duntir’s status has been updated, and I would appreciate any input or tips for this character at this point.
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!Augmentation has native D:40, so if you can survive at that depth by all means do it. (In general, "go as deep as you can without taking crazy risks and burning through too many consumables" is good advice that applies throughout the game...)
Dive fast, die young, leave a high-CHA corpse.
You read a scroll labeled 'lol gtfo' of Teleport Level.
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The importance of strength early on comes from providing carrying capacity and melee damage. The reason carrying capacity is so important is that without it, you drop to negative speed which means you always have to account for double moves by the monsters.

Speed is the important stat here, not strength per se and once you have an item that grants a little speed like your spear, this aspect of strength becomes completely irrelevant. A little positve speed doesnt really enable you to calculate your double moves to avoid taking damage, like +10 speed does, but it makes you safe from double move by base speed monsters. So it doesnt matter much if that is +1 or +2 speed; the big step is going from -1 to 0.

At your stage, melee damage is the only positive effect of more strength; of course you still want it, but it is now low on the list - your glaring weakness is your bow.

The "cursed" dagger was actually of slay dragon ? Weird that you couldnt sell it, I dont understand what is going on there.
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