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Grotug is on a distinguished road
I am careless attacking dark hounds. I forget about a displacer beast and nearly pay for the mistake with my life. Must value my life more if I am ever to meet Morgoth.

Picked up a staff of power. That surprised me. I almost left it where I found it when I first tried it with no monsters around {tried}. Then I reconsidered and when I dissolved a cold hound I nearly fell out of my chair (that's an expression; obviously there are no chairs in the dungeon). Good thing I bought some scrolls of recharging.

On the next level down I use the staff of power on Azog and his son. Overall the battle goes well, but when my !Speed runs out and I am stubborn to reup I nearly leave a tombstone on the dungeon floor once again:

Really must start to take more care if I am ever to have that coveted meeting with Morgoth.
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Grotug is on a distinguished road
I empty the staff of power in a large room with the confuser brothers and a bunch of lesser humans and giants. Everyone dissolves but the brothers who I remove from existence with my bow. My long bow has been very serviceable despite only being (+4, +8). I've actually come to like the gradual increase in extra shots. It really has the sense of providing just enough extra help to get me by.

Time passes... death is always at my heels.

A few visits to town and each time I am taunted by a mass banishment scroll I cannot afford. But I find five more scrolls of recharging in the shop.


I only bring one ?recharging into the dungeon for use on the staff of power. This proves a grave mistake (well, not quite grave). I find myself in a terrifying place. A hdyra/snake pit filled with terrible horrors and two vaults are nearby. I =escape to the easiest of the two vaults and am making good progress dealing with the not too scary monsters there, but I stupidly am not bringing a staff of detect evil with me. As I enter the heart of the vault a hand druj teleports me away.

I start to run low on arrows as I work my way back to the vault and when I reach it my last TO charge somehow doesn't remove the abyssal spider (no idea why it didn't); but instead seems to summon two, monstrous bears. I ?phase away from the lot right next to the hydra pit. Time to read that scroll of GTFO (aka Teleport Level) I've been holding onto.

I return to town and spend 9000 of my 9167 gold on the Mban scroll. The rest is spent on 77 arrows, and 6 ?phase doors.

For my troubles I did find an amulet with +2 speed with some useful resistances that sustains my strength; also found an amulet of regeneration.

The next trip into the dungeon sees me being harassed by dark hounds and massive trolls that I am too weak to take down easily. Somewhere during my struggles something teleports me across the level into a room with a short bow. I look at the short bow. I feel there is a pretty good chance it will be better than my current (+4, +8) Long bow. And it is! It is my big break: A 'Lorien bow <+2> (X4) (+17, +15) which brings me parity with the depth I'm at. Funny how fortune works sometimes.

I finish clearing out the areas where I think interesting things might be and while the dark hounds still present a bit of a challenge I escape the level leaving behind a bunch of dead trolls with a Ring of the Mouse <+4> (0, +9) a pConf <+3> CON amulet (which replaces another pConf amulet I already found) and my first stat potion; a !CON.


With the =Mouse I am now become a true Ranger; tiptoeing about and taking down only high value targets. Back in the dungeon I become frustrated when I cannot take down a room of Ologs. The fact of the matter is I'm a lousy shot. I thought all my training in the Guild would have prepared me for nasty trolls, but their hide is thick and half the time the arrows bounce off. But I find very useful items, including an artifact cap of seeing <+3> speed good for +31 AC. Shortly after an Uruk drops an artifact telepathy helm <+2> CON. The Troll Trio drop me an amulet of acid immunity with <+3> Speed.

Back in town I find 4 more ?recharging and am glad I did not drop the _Power (I very nearly decided to leave it behind).


Lokkak and his entourage fall easily. The staff of power to remove the chaff and isolate Lokkak alone in the room was quite instrumental. He drops a great flail with <+1> extra attacks with slay evil and dragons (Powerfully) {??}.

A mummified chieftain shrieks, hastening a bunch of monsters and has me bouncing all over the level trying to kill everything. Now I couldn't tell if there were two mummified chieftains or if the one was running around the level wreaking havoc, but after my first _Teleport I came upon a long corridor of mumaks and an awake mummified chieftain. The staff of power was instrumental in ridding the dangers, but it wasn't an easy affair.

Shortly after arriving on the level I come upon boots of elvenkind <+5> <+2>. A very happy find.

I find a small perma-vault in the shape of swimming goggles with some scary things in it including a DL71 Maia of some kind and Glaurung. Seems a good place to use my ?Mass Banishment. Inside I'm rewarded by a <+3> Speed (+19) 3d5 weapon with lightning brand, an elven cloak of stealth and elvenkind armor (rNexus) that allows me to replace the cloak of rNexus I'd been wearing for awhile. I should like to find the spell book with haste self in it. Otherwise things are moving along just fine.

I am now CL31.
Detailed account of my Ironman win here.
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