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New to NPPAngband

Hey All,

I'm pretty familiar with the latest version of Angband. No wins yet, but I've gotten several characters close.

What are some good things to know going into NPPAngband? Some major changes, things that don't work in this variant, etc. I can't find a whole lot of info on the variant.

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Monsters are nastier. Those with powerful breaths or spells will use them, frequently. Watch out for creeping coins/gems, which may have incredible armor class (and above-average speed), and for hydras, which may have exotic breath weapons. Monsters can cast spells even when not in line-of-sight, and in particular some monsters are able to teleport themselves to near your location regardless of where they are in the dungeon, once they become aware of your existence.

That's the main thing, I'd say.
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A couple things:

You can get pretty powerful doing quests for the guilld. There is a third spellcasting class (druid) that is hard but fun to play, & rangers are a subset of that group. Rogues & brigands have special powers for setting traps that makes them play differently than other classes. In general, you can make your character more powerful than you can in vanilla, but the dungeon is a little more dangerous as well, so it just has a different balance than V.

The best place to find out about NPP, is the NPP forums.

Just browsing around for a little bit should give you a feel for the game. I guess there isn't alot of information here on .oook because most of the traffic is over there. I check both sites at least once a day & try to respond to anything posted.

I hope you have fun trying it out.
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Cool, thanks for the info!
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