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Knowledge menus RFE

Hi folks

I've just had this RFE request from a user:

> I suggest that in the knowledge menue, new entries and their categories be marked until the player reads the new entries for the first time. Categories should be marked anew once they contain new entries again.

Sound sensible? Does this feature exist in any *band? Would it be easy to code?

Ironband -
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You mean, something akin to the "new articles" highlighting in an RSS reader? I'm not aware of anything that has it. It's at least an intriguing feature. I don't know how many people would make use of it. The knowledge menus in V are due for at least a slight enhancement...see #1273.
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Unfortunately I'm not familiar with RSS readers. I meant a way to indicate that there is a new entry in a knowledge category. Say, you add *New* to the new entry and *New entry" to the corresponding category.
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Some thoughts:

In V, the knowledge menu is quite expanded, if stores/history is included, then they would constantly be showing new categories. If they are not, the system is a bit inconsistent.

As for the others, the only one I believe I would find interesting is the monster knowledge. I mean artifacts/egos are fun, but I will already have noticed that I saw one... Monster knowledge on the other hand updates without informing the player, so I could glance at it and go: oh, I've killed enough orcs now to know how many hp they have in average.

Would be neat, but not overly useful.
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