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LotR Online now free to play on Steam

I'm not much of an MMO person myself, but I thought I'd post this here in case anyone is interested
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Being a huge fan of the LOTR, I think that this one would be something that I would really be interested to play. And though the game does not really look that much of a top class or even on a considerable level to be that playable, it sure still looks very interesting.

Fans would always play the game, whatever platform and however it looks just to be able to see it.
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Malak Darkhunter
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I have the paid version of the game, which really isn't much different then the free, and enjoy sometimes yet, the problem is their are so many players you really have to come up with a unique name, to be accepted by the server. It's very immersive but I find the repetitive monster respawns in mmorpgs very aggravating, they respawn every couple minutes, and chase you. The Dwarven origins story is very fun, and the the dwarven halls are very stunning, it's a different kind of combat, it happens in real time.

the coolest part of the game is the travel, their is no instant travel, you either walk or ride a horse, and the world is huge, I really felt like I was *In* the world.

Most of the game is made up of quests, some are fun, and some are boring, predicatably.
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