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Pete Mack
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Potions of augmentation work to, as do the incredibly rare potions of *Enlightenment*. (Most games I don't find even one.) There are also (very rare) rods of restoration, but they're pretty useless: the recharge time is something like 2000 normal turns. And there's a priest-only spell.
But if you are really desperate, potions of restore life work too, if you allow an undead to take you down a character level. It's a cheesy exploit, but it does exist.
The right ways to deal with stat loss are:
Avoid it (for Mages, this should be easy, as they mostly don't use melee anyway.)
Resist it
Ignore it. Minor stat loss doesn't usually cause much problem.
Eat a mushroom of vigor. You should be saving these at home for desperate times.
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Originally Posted by Mondkalb View Post
Stat drains are automatically repaired when your character reaches a new level. The spells are remembered as well.

Other means are mushrooms of restoration, potions of intellect or intelligence, and potions of life.
Many thanks.
Rolling through life on a D20
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