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Originally Posted by Patashu View Post Kamband is not even on the ladder??
It's a pretty old variant; IIRC it was contemporary with early ZAngband versions, predating PernAngband. It had a randomly-generated-spell system that ToME stole/refined for the thaumaturgist class; I remember it having spells that did things like "remove all walls in LOS, then teleport away all monsters in LOS, then create Runes of Protection on all open tiles in LOS".
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Originally Posted by passer_by View Post
Oh, interesting. The counterargument, of course, to justify the status quo is that @ is smart and experienced enough to remember the layout of the dungeon and judge their movements when blinded, even if the player is not.

But what when @ is blinded *and* confused? In that case it seems to me that @ would lose track of their own location if they move. So even if we take the position that @ still knows the layout of the dungeon when blinded and confused (so we continue to show the map), the obvious thing to do is to not show @ on the map.

(I can see three options here: don't show @ when blinded, don't show @ when confused, or don't show @ when both blinded and confused. I'm not quite sure which is right.)
If your @s are that smart and experienced, I think they may well simulate being blind and confused so that they can disappear from the map, and have a few pints of beer in the nearest tavern. Pfui, I'm glad my @s are not that smart...
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