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Thanks for the advice. I'll certainly keep it.

But at the moment I am back to level 3 after having been at level 5, due to the following:

Something quite special actually happened twice now, playing Angband. Something I have never experienced before in the dozen of years of using Mac. You see, having been a certified system engineer from Microsoft, it is very common that Windows blocks and needs to be restarted. It also does happen with Mac but only seldom. Usually forcing the program that blocks to quit solves the problem. Rarely one has to restart the pc and only booting it down using the menu's. But now I experienced something never having happened before: while playing angband - not only once but twice in a few hours time: in the midst of the game both the mouse and the keyboard completely blocked - never seen this before!

the only solution is to hard-restart using the start-button. All the experience made was lost. This time, the second time, I had lost all the experience up to level 5 and was thrown back to level 3.

Quite a bug - and quite powerful - in angband!
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Pete Mack
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I somehow doubt it was angband that caused a hard system lock. It's a pretty lightweight user app.
In any case, a crash will lose (at most) the current dungeon level--which is to say, there isn't much difference between CL 3 and 5.

Things you should always, always carry:
A means of escape
Healing potions, of various strengths (unless you have pBlind, pConf, pStun, and a 0%fail healing spell)
Very early in the game, heal consists of CLW or CSW, and escape consists of ?Phase Door in combination with ?Recall. Soon you'll get Portal spell, which is a rather better escape. Later, always carry a staff of teleportation (unless you are immune to blindness and confusion.)
Good to have:
A means to prevent fear (! Heroism)
A means of Haste self (don't waste speed potions unless you have a good supply already)
A means of doing damage at a distance. Even flasks of oil are adequate in the first 5 dungeon levels or so.
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