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Originally Posted by ripforareason View Post
I get it more for the extra effective light, but it's still useful against invisible enemies. I don't really like to use haunted dreams, I've had a shadow show up after 5-10 turns too often and nearly kill me while I was trying to fight something else.
Walking away and throwing or shooting stuff at shadows is an option. They have garbage defenses and very little HP. Anyhow, if you like keen senses, there's no harm in getting it -- it's very good. The extra sight radius bump is very useful. I generally take song of trees for the light instead -- I like it better than keen senses and inner light because it scales with song score, which is more useful at endgame. But that's a playstyle thing, mostly.
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As is the 4 smithing + jewelry investment given early feanorian lamps, droppable jewels to tide you over and eventually the +0 Blessed Realm amulet with a few found boosters.
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I'm pretty sure light level effects your chance of spotting shadows. I've been playing without keen senses or true sight most of my current game & with 13 perception, 4 light, a lit room - didn't have any trouble spotting them. As a +side light=dark resist. They do a hell of a lot less damage with good lights. Have trouble hitting you in the 1st place too.
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i think spotting invisible creatures is just a perception check. is it opposed by stealth? if so, then shadows get a penalty for high light since they are light vulnerable.
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