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Level feeling - how good is good? :)

I'm just wondering; how high a level feeling (for treasure) makes it worthwhile for you to explore the whole level, or at least most of it? I realize this depends a lot on personal preference and play style, but I'm just curious. For me, it seems like 3 is borderline and 4 usually has something worth the time, though it varies a bit.
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The level feelings are horrifically vague and subject to massive confirmation bias. Turn them off and live free from worries about whether or not you should have kept exploring a level that frankly is like any other level in the game.
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Artefacts only show up on levels with a feeling of 5 or higher, so that's the only guaranteed rule. Still, I like the way that treasure feelings encourage you to vary up your exploration style and wander around a bit instead of just diving past everything, even if they don't always turn up anything.

In the early game, I'll usually fully explore any level with a feeling of 5 (something worthwhile) or more, but as I go deeper I'll start ignoring those and only exploring for 6 (good) or better, and instead of fully exploring the whole thing I'll often leave after I've found and cleared a vault or pit that seems like a likely candidate for causing the feeling. And once I get towards the endgame when I'm already well kitted out with artefacts and top-end egos, I'm only really interested when there's a feeling of maybe 7-9 for both danger and treasure, indicating there might be a big vault.
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