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Timo Pietilš
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Inscriptions help


I'm used to use inscriptions for several things, but now there are few I would like to know how to do:

1) pick up ammo directly to quiver instead of inventory. Old "=g" inscription doesn't do that.
2) limit picking up some items that do match inventory items while having matching items picked up. I don't need to pick up every spellbook and get slowed while doing it.
3) prevent "inventory overflow" from happening when matching ammo goes to quiver and quiver expands to another letter. That one made me lose one of my precious swap artifacts in last game. Didn't notice it got dropped before chancing levels, and when I noticed it I checked messages.

Quiver sorting is also painful. To get what I want first I need to { inscribe it with @f0. I would like to have some "preferred order" or some sort-command for quiver. It is hard to tell game to use these first in this order, then these in this order and then the rest of them in any order. Fortunately inscribing doesn't use game time, so you can mess with it until you have what you wanted.
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The quiver is broken. That is a result of the idea that the ammo items are wielded. I'm going to fix it someday, but to do things properly I have to rewrite a lot of the item selection code. I haven't managed the motivation necessary to tackle it. You might convince someone to do interim fixes, but they may be unenthusiastic when they consider I will throw away whatever they do.

For now, it is safe to wield ammo in the pack, but you have to watch the messages carefully when you wield from the ground. You can fire directly without using the 'h' command or writing macros, but it I agree is a pain.

The best way to deal with the "too many spellbooks" problem is to autoinscribe with !k and then squelch when you do not want to pick up any more. I also do that for example when I have =con+6 or even =FA sometimes. Inscribe the one you use !k and then squelch the flavor.
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