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Originally Posted by Estie View Post
That makes no sense. Randomizing each ego item individually just turns ego-items into destructible artifacts, in effect removing the class property. Certainly that isnt desired ?
But some egos have that right now. Holy Avengers, Elvenkind and Resistance gear, Gondolin weapons, all have either random extra resists or random powers (feather fall, ESP, slow digestion, etc, the quality really, really varies). This is just a random extension of that.

I like the idea of many egos with a small core set of guaranteed powers and several random powers. This could be expanded by giving different powers different values, so slow digestion is 'cheaper' than ESP and makes it more likely that an additional power could be created. If you end up with something overpowered you could convert it to a randart or just lose all random properties and return a ' baseline' ego. So the strongest ego items are those whose ego costs are closest to the limit (which would probably be different for different ego types, i.e. higher for Gondolin than for *Slay Orc*) without going over it.
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I like this (the original post) idea a lot.

Would it be practical to switch causality for ego items, so that the name was generated *based on* the attributes of the item?

The idea would be that items that only generate one or two low abilities would be named like "a mace of berzerking of slay orc", or "a dagger of illumination of featherfall" or what have you.

Certain attributes would trigger specific names, eg:
rolling "slay evil" + any higher attribute might always be a "holy avenger" rolling for "rbase" + any higher attribute = "defender"
rolling for "slay orc" or "slay troll" + any higher attribute = "of elvenkind"
rolling for "slay giants" + any higher attribute = "of gondolin"
rolling for "slay undead" + any higher attribute = "of westernesse"

or whatever, these are just off-the-cuff

This would predicate a stacked likelihood of attribute addition for items

50% chance to have one minor attribute
50% chance to have a second minor attribute if one is present
33% chance to have additional minor attributes if two are present (rolled until failure)
15% chance to have a major attribute if a minor one is present (cumulative)
10% chance to have a second major attribute if a major one is present
5% chance to have additional major attributes if two are present (rolled until failure)

these would be rolled in sequence, and the likelihoods could be weighted based on dlvl to give better items lower down and fewer higher.

minor attributes = individual slays, individual rbase, featherfall, light, illumination, activate for CLW, activate for CSW, +stealth, +AC, racial ESP, etc

major attributes = *slays*, rbase (as a group), individual advanced resists, activate for teleport, activate for phase, activate for CCW, intrinsic brands, better ESP

this could get really complicated with additional nested probabilities (linking slays to racial esp, compounding slays into *slays*, etc), but I'm just brainstorming so I'll leave it at that.
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