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some ideas to make parry more interesting on its own, rather than an annoying pre-req. also some stuff for quarterstaves.

1) if you pass a turn the bonus changes to triple the evasion modifier.

2) give daggers an evasion modifier and let parry boost it in the off-hand (but only daggers).

3) instead of defender egos, or perhaps in conjunction with them, let any given weapon have a chance of being "fine" at evasion.

4) allow quarterstaves to have the defender ego. make them lighter, or lower the difficulty of riposting with them.

obviously not all (or even most) of these ideas should be implemented. just throwing out some ideas to see what ya'll think.
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bagori nd
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oh, but isn't it fine that Parry's an annoying prereq? Riposte is awfully good, after all, and Parry subtly helps differentiate weapons.
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wobbly will become famous soon enough
Parry's good by itself anyway. If you don't take many evasion abilities you'll hit a pt where it's cheaper to grab parry then the next evasion pt. Unless your using the axe or something similar.
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Just remove them (and scepters) altogether? Less is more etc. Or perhaps consolidate them into a one-and-a-half handed staff cathegory if one wants to LARP as Gandalf (or perhaps even moe them to the shield cathegory boosting will/song instead of evasion; I seem to recall G using his as a focus for spells rather than clubbing with it - he had a sword for that).

EDIT: Oh, yeah. Parry. Meh. Vanilla +X skill abilities are boring. Decidedly axeable should half need more design space.

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What about a permanent +2 to evasion, -1 to hit, to signify the character is more apt to take advantage of defense maneuvering while fighting? Instead of 'parry', call it something like 'defensive stance'. This makes the ability work for all weapons so you know you won't waste the points if you find yourself using a +0 defense weapon later in the game, and you can always still use the existing defense boosting weapons to stack evasion. If this seems too good, make it an even trade-off, of +2, -2, or +1,-1... whatever seems best. You can always turn the ability 'off' to stop using a defensive posture. If you go this far, you might as well make an aggressive counterpart, like offensive posture, with +hit, -evasion tradeoffs.
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I actually like Parry. I do a lot of evasion builds and parry is cheap evasion. Especially with defender, Orcrist, Glamdring, Galadriel or dare I say Ringil.
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I recently was playing a 2/5/4/3 fighter who got a Glaive (Defender) as well as gloves of Swordplay.

He was a finesse fencer who quickly became a chargey type was super fun to run around getting +4 evasion off a glaive!

then he died.
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