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Originally Posted by Azuria View Post
Posting here, even though it's also possible in the April 26 nightly:

When selecting an item in a store using the mouse, the game will show the flavor of the item selected, which can give some unfair knowledge of what you might want to look into further.
Thanks, confirmed bug.
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That explains a lot, I rarely use devices very heavily, but do keep annihilation for M as a mage. I was confused by the slow rate the stars went down.

Originally Posted by Werbaer View Post
He's not talking about the description, but the actual damage. He is right; you don't get bonus damage from magic device skill.

I just tested with my priest. Probing: 364 hit points. Use wand of drain life (150 +30% in my case, according to the description). probing: 214 hp. Use Dragon's Flame (200 + 30%). Probing: 14 hp.
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Fueling an empty Latern with another latern doesn't light up the player spot and the surrounding area.

To test:
Player wielding a (partly filled) latern in a dark area.
Player has another latern, and uses it to refill the one he is wielding.
Player wields empty latern -> surrounding gets dark (ok).
Player fuels empty latern with full latern -> area stays dark.
Standing still for a turn doesn't light the area; moving does.

(Had a latern of Brightness and one of True sight, and fueled the wrong one. After switching latern and fuel, i was surprised that i couldn't cast spells)
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