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There is an odd roguelike game called "The Slimy Lichmummy". It has medkits that heal you when you walk into them and no cap on your HP levels so there is no reason not to pick them up when you find them. It also has constantly spawning enemies like in Angband but most enemies are not rewarding to fight so there is a tension between racing to get to the downstairs to minimize HP loss and exploring to find the items needed to survive in the deeper depths.

The Diablo-clone Path of Exile has a potion system where you carry 5 potion bottles (health, mana, speed, etc) with multiple charges and you can only regain charges by killing enemies. As you play you find bigger bottles (more charges / effect) or bottles with bonuses like curing stun in addition to their normal effect, but you don't need to grind for lots of potions and if you have to retreat or drink a lot fighting something else it doesn't take forever to refill them.
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