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ID by use (new ways of learning)

Currently, I think the way you learn the properties of all consumables is pretty good, although there are some things I don't like. However, it's extremely difficult to ID by use resistances and non-obvious abilities on ego weapons or randarts (or standarts, if you're unfamiliar with them.) Sometimes IDing the abilities are very cumbersome, and sometimes they are very dangerous. Consider the following abilities in order of hardest to least hard to ID. Unless we resolve these issues, Identify scrolls are going to need to be a staple item for every character.

Rdisenchant: Only a few monsters disenchant, and you certainly don't want to be testing equipment for the resistance while one of them hits you repeatedly, wrecking your gear. Currently the only safe way to ID disenchant on an item is to find a "weaponmastery and wield that while testing your equipment. Very rough.

Rnexus: the second hardest to test. Getting hit by nexus without resist gives you a chance at insta-kill with a bad stat-swap. Your only early game source of resistance is boots of stability, which have to be test ID'd on their own by jumping down a pit, noticing that they're not feather falling, and having enough knowledge of ego items to know that they have to be stability. Then there are so few monsters that breathe nexus but not dangerously, namely vortices, hounds and maybe greater basilisks. Even if you do have a safe way of testing, it may be a while until you can test stuff out.

Sustains: Brutal to learn by use. It's often hard to find monsters that drain the stat you want to test (drain chr anyone?). This is really a bear to actively attempt to learn.

Chaos: Very few monsters have chaos attacks that are not dangerous. Will o the wisp and magic mushroom patch are the ones I can come up with. They're both rare and very hard to get next to anyway. Chaos is very hard to test for, even if you have an item with rchaos. AFAIK even mushrooms of emergency don't work.

Most of the other ones aren't that bad, but some are annoying (feather falling, ugh).

I also thought of some alternate ways to ID by use some of these abilities. Let me know what you think.


Disenchant: An item with rdis should also resist enchantment. You can then test it by reading an enchant scroll!

Rnexus: Since nexus tends to teleport you around, maybe you should learn if equipment has this ability by wearing it when teleporting? This makes it trivially easy to learn, but I don't really think that's a problem. Nexus is too dangerous to learn by exposing yourself to it.

Rchaos: I don't have any good suggestions for how to learn this. But clearly there needs to be an easier way to learn this flag.

Sustains: Learn on level up?

Feather falling: Learn when going down stairs.

Free action: I really think this should be learned on wield.

See Invisible: I don't think this should be learned on wield, but rather the first time you see an invisible monster.

Sounds, shards: A bit of a pain to learn, but not as dangerous as the rest.

pconf, pblind: The current safest way is to kill townspeople until you get !blind or !confusion. (?darkness will also work.)

Nether, Poison, rbase, HL: these are all fine as they are.
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