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Omarax El Tirano
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Smile First win, my humble opinions and suggestions

I really enjoyed my journey to the depths of angband. After all the suffering and swearing at the computer screen, i feel ready to express my opinions about the game:

1 I wish the early game were a bit less annoying. I.e: difficult to start with nothing in your backpack ,specially in ironman this made it so slow and tedious. (see below)

2: the game really starts to be interesting past dlvl 70. Lots of Strong monsters, lots of vaults, lots of high level items. High chances of dying !

3 i'd like to see some like of trophies in addition to the score board. Like in doomRL
(kill 10 Azriels to earn some kind of rank etc) when i finished the game i just couldn't think of playing it again... I tried ironman though.

4 i wish the game had more than 127 floors as you can see in my dump i really wanted to continue my journey with my shining new crown...

Now what i liked about it all:

Clearing vaults it's just too fun and the feeling of danger i get when my char is in a vault 8000ft down in the depths of angband is overwhelming. *shivers*

I play only with the old tiles. They are beautiful. (i must be the only one who thinks that)

I play only with randarts... Nice to have unexpected {special} items in those dangerous vaults. *cackle*

all in all it was a nice experience from someone who likes tolkien lore and exploration rpg games. felicitaciones for this wonderfull game.

Anyway i moved to Sil until i recover my interest in vanilla. i get bored easily. So i may try ironman vanilla when final release hits the shelves. (or when my ambition for randarts and vaults returns) *evil gaze*
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