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Ingwe Ingweron
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Should disarm traps command automatically repeat?

When disarming a trap, should it automatically repeat the attempts until success or setting it off?

Nick has pointed out in the "player knowledge branch", that disarm traps has always been this way, but I wonder if there's a consensus that it should be this way?

Unlike tunneling, picking a lock, or opening a door, my feeling is that trap disarming should not automatically repeat attempts. The former do not pose damage risk to @, but trap disarming does pose risk. I might want to risk it once, but not three times. The number of times I take that risk should be up to me, not an automatic reiteration.

Any thoughts?
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The thing is that with traps there are three possibilities - no effect, disarm, and set off - and currently it just repeats as long as (up to a limit, IIRC) there is no effect. So you can think of the current situation as one attempt, which either disarms the trap or sets it off. Making the action not repeat would mostly just be adding a lot of mindless actions for the player - not that that's necessarily bad, the player does a lot of things fairly automatically anyway.

In any case, I'm inclined to think the rework of traps discussed here is likely to change the situation.
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