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My first V game in a very long time, using today's git master. Fun stuff. My playing skills have improved since last time, and so has the game.

Some highlights and comments:

- Lots of really close calls, due to (still) habitually fast diving. My fave was getting cornered repeatedly by a Stegocentipede. I decided to use a Wand of Wonder on it when near death, and with it at almost full HP - and got a fireball that killed it instantly. *phew*

- Orb of Draining being in the second book now certainly makes the early game easier for priests, which means I can dive faster, which is nice.

- Auto-inscribing all kinds of stuff - consumables, devices, books, even bad potions that I used as throwing weapons. I <3 the new auto inscription system.

- I also <3 the SDL2 interface.

- Overall the early game feels more interesting than I remember. I think partly because Priests got an early power boost, and partly because of usability changes - spells being consolidated, easier auto-inscription and macros, that kind of stuff. Also the new rooms.

I'll have to try out these new classes and magic systems too, when I have the time.
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