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Pete Mack
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So there I was, sneaking into an infinity vault with sleeping Kavlax, Omarax, and Gorlim all on one side. Hasted, with superb stealth--it shouldn't be a problem. There's a dart trap on the way in, no probs. HONK! WHAM! Dead. Right after this, I went in and edited the terrain file to make sure traps pale violet, so I will actually notice them. They really shouldn't look like just another harmless trap.
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Extending the thought, what about unique traps ? They reappear untill disarmed, spawn randomly with a level allocation according to difficulty, and of course have special effects when triggered. And a name.

"The fog horn of Dunland" - wakes up everything on the level.
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Finally, the Trap of Drop Everything makes its way from ToME to Angband! (maybe)
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Originally Posted by Patashu View Post
Finally, the Trap of Drop Everything makes its way from ToME to Angband! (maybe)
Nah, just add the Goodbye Charlie trap from the early TomeNET era: drops everything AND recalls you immediately.
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