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Originally Posted by Sphara View Post

Those are only items that can nerf an ironman player. Now that potion of Lose Memories has been removed. Having flavor id on also helps not wasting Banishment scrolls and other valuable endgame stuff the first time you see them.

So yeah, I guess an ironman game its a bit easier if you remove identification minigame from consumables.
If you read an unidentified Banishment scroll you can hit escape when it asks you for the letter to be banished
Also works for various enchant scrolls as i remember.
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Originally Posted by Sphara View Post
Safest way to identify scrolls by reading, is reading em standing on a downstairs of an already cleared level. Never in town. In the case of acquirement scroll youŽll get level 1 "great" item.
While in general, I just read in a safe place, I ID lots of things simply by "selling" them.

Mind, I haven't been super deep, but I've found that I'll have more than enough money to buy the scroll back if I really need it.

I also buy "unseen" items even if I won't use them just to ID them early. Rather blow 600g on a worthless item than confront it deep in a dungeon as an unknown. It's worth it over fighting with inventory management to bring the stuff back up.

Potions, I pretty much just drink if the spot is safe.
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I think its also a good idea to take extra care with possible deep descent scrolls (you can spot potentials by the stack size). Ironman priest doesn't have a lot of other solutions if you hit a kitty pit so I like to have at least 2 before trying an unided scroll.
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