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Animated shimmering monsters now in HEAD

So now if you see multi-hued creatures their shimmering will be animated. Currently things shimmer pretty fast, although that can probably be slowed down if people find it too annoying. I kind of like it.

This currently works for -gcu, -x11, -sdl and -win. I will probably try to add it to the other display modes if I can understand them, and/or find someone to test them.

Soon I hope to introduce various other kinds of effects for other monsters (e.g. Great Storm Wyrms might have a bluish shimmer added or something).

Pleas let me know if you like it or hate it.
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cool. is that just in ascii mode, or with tiles as well? (or only tiles for that matter?).

incidentally, I see all these comments about patches going in. when are we expecting a new compiled binary version (3.1.3?)?

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Originally Posted by fyonn View Post
incidentally, I see all these comments about patches going in. when are we expecting a new compiled binary version (3.1.3?)?
Without prejudice to anything Takkaria may say, I would not expect one for a while. There aren't (m)any major bugs in 3.1.2v2, and there are quite a lot of aspirations for 3.1.3 (just take a look at if you're interested). There could be some significant changes like fractional blows, rebalanced archery, reworked LOS/FOV stuff, etc.

Of course, there might be none of this stuff and 3.1.3 might be out in a few weeks - I have no real idea. But I'm kind of hoping that this might be time for some big changes.

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Pete Mack
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Speaking of rebalanced archery, what difference has multipliers (greater than 1) add made?
Another thing to try is to follow NPP, and take away the third shot for Rangers, and grant the second shot at level 26.
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