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Close Game

hope link works, Well that was a really fun game, only great weapon i found was Zarcuthra. used it as a swap, never realized how tactically helpfull aggravating weapons were. Would find a good place to fight equip the sword and let the monsters come to me. Sadly i dropped it to make room sure id find another weapon The angels used up most of my healing supplies, but used only rods of healing for the rest of the uniques. Took Tarrasque down with Umbar and venom bolts. Sauron got me down low once but was pretty uneventful. When i went downstairs it got really fun was sure i was doomed had 40 ccw 10 healing 5 !healing and one life. Speed was 22 base, and i had no blindness resistance. luckily i had 5 Destruction scrolls but only 3 mass banish and 2 banish. Figured out after Morgoth summoned Vecna and The big Q for the 5th time, that teleport other and not destruction was the key. Was surrounded by Greater undead, Dragons and Demons most of the fight but used the phase door scrolls id been hoarding all game to good effect. was still convinced i was gonna die up until he had 3 stars left, i managed to get the last blow in with 0 cw 3 healing 3 healing and 1 life left.
It was an epic and fun battle well cheers, another Ironman game done going to try someone not so dependent on consumables next i think. hope i didnt bore ya too much x)

Oops Thought i was in Aar forum, sorry. How do ya like my pdsm of resistance hehe

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