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starting stats seem off

I haven't started a character yet where the auto point distribution put an emphasis on CON. This seems kind of broken. E.g. for a hobbit rogue, it seems like hitting 18 con, cranking dex, and letting strength and int be mediocre is about what you would want to do (since finesse can give you a big damage boost without a lot of strength and hobbits have small damage dice). I think a default warrior is recommended not to put much into CON either.
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I don't think that the recommended stats have been recalibrated since the new combat system went in. Previously you were well-recommended to ignore CON early on since the HP boost is really marginal -- about all you were doing was saving time down the road for maxing out your CON. That, and you wanted as much STR and DEX as possible. Now you all but ignore one of STR or DEX, which gives you more points to allocate to other stats.
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