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Originally Posted by Derakon View Post
I would not even bother trying to cast spells with that kind of failure rate, personally. Resting to recover mana is a dangerous idea, because the longer you spend on the level, the more monsters spawn in, and newly-spawned monsters are always awake. Use magical items to handle your detection needs. Object Detection of course you can't perfectly substitute an item for, but you don't need to always have perfect object detection. Carry a Rod of Treasure Detection and only cast the spell if you need to know what specifically a * is.
That is, actually, very good advice. Thanks, Derakon.
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Pete Mack
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Ignore spell-cadting, except for detect monsters, which is cheap and valuable. At that stage, you advance very fast, and there's mostly nothing worth picking up. You will have 10-15% fail soon enough on the other detection spells. (Don't bother with anything else except the occasional Light spell in big rooms.) Absolutely don't use the phase spell. Carry a stack of ~10 scrolls instead.
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Another "me, too!" for kobold rogue: great combo! object detection makes stat gain and consumables hoarding a breeze. I like the high stealth approach to the game: monsters are frozen usually until I decide to fight one. It's quite fun sneaking into a vault and picking through the goodies while surrounded by monsters. Especially if there's a breather who could at any moment wake and cause a chain reaction of waking by breathing, it's a real rush!
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