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Therem Harth
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Talking DITL: Sergei the Human Necromancer (T2) (now scrapped)

The Idea

A not-quite-blow-by-blow telling of the story of a human necromancer, in the tradition of Zizzo's DITL tales. I've had more spare time on my hands recently, so I figured this would be kind of fun.

The Tweaks

This may prove unpopular... Nonetheless, I have made one major, balance-altering change to ToME's code: damaging traps deal constant damage as in Vanilla, instead of increasing their damage with dungeon level. This definitely makes the game easier, but without it things get kind of ridiculous IMHO.

(Note that for that reason I've created a git branch with the same changes, and have filed a merge request for it.)

The Character

Sergei is a male Human Hermit Necromancer. He worships Tulkas, because he wishes he had sixpack abs.

We're playing with...

Maximize mode OFF
Preserve mode ON
Autoroll OFF
Ironman rooms OFF
Joke monsters OFF
Force small levels ON
Fates ON

And the full 98 quests.


Hmm, I think I'll take the one with 8 STR and 8 CON. Not bad for a pencil-neck.


Forty Minutes Later

... I realize that my playing skills are not adequate for a Human Hermit Necromancer. Necromancy is theoretically nice, but when flubbing a spell can sock you for more than your maximum HP, it's kind of impractical.

Ah well, I guess I'll consign Sergei to the graveyard. Maybe I'll try something beefier next.

Last edited by Therem Harth; September 29, 2011 at 01:56. Reason: Hermits are weak.
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