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Timo Pietilš
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Originally Posted by Magnate View Post
Interesting. I presume it needs more than 2GB then?

I had forgotten the multi-core thing (most of my machines are still using single-core CPUs). I expect you're right that Win7 makes much better use of multiple cores.
2GB is pretty much minimum for decent usage. It starts with less, but can't really use leftover memory well enough that code speed difference comes visible.

It also depends of what you load in with every startup of the computer and which theme you use. Now that I think of it I have seen insanely fast XP that no Win 7 that I have seen can beat, but it was started with diagnostic startup so that only bare minimum of drivers and processes got loaded (OTOH I have not done same with Win7). That's fast on modern computers. But in real-life situation when your computer is not empty and loads all kinds of stuff in memory before you can even start to use it Win 7 can be faster than XP.

This is getting a bit too OT for this forum, but if you buy a computer in next year or so use a (large) SSD as systemdisk. It makes huge difference in computer startup speed.
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