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You are. Go on in there and get your hands dirty! It's a lot of work, but it's not impossible by any means.
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Questing forward!

Originally Posted by Derakon View Post
You are. Go on in there and get your hands dirty! It's a lot of work, but it's not impossible by any means.
It seems to be the case, plus remembering zangband v1.6+ where I started. It would be nice to add to the project and relearn good old C.
But I'm working on four games atm for a competition this summer. My programming skills have suffered.
I'll do what I can, thinking starting from 2.7.5, learning from z+ and independent room generators or multiple independent AI.
As droof said, keep the exploration, randomisation, flexible quests, unique monsters/allies + items (Item sets poss).
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What I did to increase the number of quests and casino in town is edit wild2.c lines 142, 148 and 149. Changing the last number to a low number like 2. But I can only find the city-bound quest log ('M' map and 'c' castle keys inside a city), that only shows quests from that city inside the city. That's not useful for keeping track of quests.

For the world, Zangband creates a 2d height map, population map and law map in wild1.c. For all three, it copy / pasted a diamond-square algorithm to create a plasma fractal shape for each map.

The law map is used to decide on spawned monster levels in the wilderness. Since that map is also a plasma fractal, there is no linear level progression in the Zangband wilderness. This makes the wilderness always dangerous to low level characters.

For a more linear level progression, I think a linear radial gradient makes more sense for the law map. That way, the player can progress from the low-level center wilderness to the high-level corners of the wilderness.

Googling on the diamond-square algorithm got me started on terrain generation. I ported the 2d simplex noise algorithm along with the fractal brownian motion algorithm to get a configurable wilderness in lua from C, independent from Zangband. Link

I'm also thinking about mixing a random voronoi diagram with the world to create distinct level-bound flat law areas and a random biome for each area, like a desert, forest, swamp etc. The cities could be placed on the random 2d voronoi points, around which the diagram is generated. World of Warcraft is structured like that too, so this would be the procedural generated version of that.

I wanted to hook the lua wilderness code into Zangband, but since Lua 4 is hardcoded into Zangband and needs major rewriting for Lua 5.3, I can't easily plug it in. Maybe I can more easily use the wilderness code in Vanilla Angband once I find the correct function that's responsible for the town map terrain placement.

=== edit

I updated my script to include a random Voronoi map and 7 ascii biomes (forest, desert, swamp, vulcano, ice, tundra, taiga):

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