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[Z] Completing quests

Playing around with a Spectre High-mage this evening, I was lucky enough to be awarded a nice low-level quest (You have discovered something unusual in the wilderness) for clearing an undead camp. I duly brutalized my fellow differently alive community members, but didn't get any message saying that I had completed the quest (or any reward), although I went over the area a few times to check that everything had been (re)killed. What gives?
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Sorry, I have no advice or insight to offer, just wanted to mention that I lol'd when I read "differently alive".

EDIT: I assume you had See Invisible? If not, it's possible that you missed a pesky ghost or something...

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maybe one of the enemies was killed by something else... rng doesn't count it to you, and check sum is incorrect - it happens to me from time to time. I suggest forgetting about the price and abandon it.
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