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New forum goer, mage question

So I've played Ang off and on for years but never took it seriously and never been below 3000ish feet. Recently I had a great human warrior attempt but after running warriors over and over trying various things I've come to realize that I love the thrill of mage diving.

So far I am just learning how to do it properly, i.e., learning how to run, run, run, and run. and run. I've brought a mage down to 1800 feet at clvl 12, nabbing what loot I can, etc. He died shortly thereafter to a fire breath from offscreen by what I assume was an OOD mature dragon (or are they native that high up?) since I had resist fire but really really low HP.

Anyway, it's a BLAST. however, after reading a lot about it on here, I have one question and it's a BIG one, foundational actually, and it comes about since 3.1.1 is what I'm playing now.

Long bows are FRACKING expensive now, and I find I have to go down and scum the first couple levels finding crap to sell to get my long bow to get "started" on the dive, otherwise it's a doomed attempt as I won't even be able to kill snagas unless I get a lucky bow find in there.

What is the current starting strategy to mage dive with the price increase to ranged weapons? I find I just can't hang without a longbow and a few enchant to dams on it so that I don't ROYALLY suck at the start, and I tire of the 30 minutes or so (or more) to scum the tiny depths to get one and get it decent damage. (I never ever ever find any good ranged weapons on any char, which sucks )

edit: And while I'm at it, what (i play high-elfs for now, since I suck and need all the help I can get) should be my stat creation method now. Autorolling is gone, so I use point creation, and I'm never really satisfied with what I can get. :/ I usually get 18/50 int and some str/con to help carry/ clue really what I should do if I'm doing the mage-dive technique.

Thanks in advance!
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