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item suggestion

Just a random idea I had to compensate for Nexus breathers. Every once in a while somebody starts a help thread on the forum: a nexus hound/vortex breathed at me and now my HT warrior has 3 strength, can I reverse this, what should I do (I did at some point)? Currently the answer is: you are screwed.
This situation could be improved by a new item: the potion of exchange. When drunk, it randomly switches two of your stats, ie has the same effect as a nexus breath. These potions should occur fairly early, have the possibility to appear in stacks and be reasonably common. They count as a bad item, so shop keepers don't stock them and get annoying when you sell an unided one to them. If they occur early enough some people will drink them to identify them, this would be annoying but not fatal and if you have 2 or 3 of them, odds are you can get your stats reasonably close to what you want them to be (or occasionally make matters much worse). These potions wouldn't affect game balance anywhere else, so it is a rather minor change.
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