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sleep/ slow/ confuse monster

so essentially what are you chances of success if you use any of the spells in the title? what does it depend on, is it an opposing check or just like saving throw? Some monster are flat out immune to some of these effects, do you notice (Ie put in the monster info file) this on first try or only after a try that would have been successful otherwise?
Gamewise I think it would be natural if teleport other uses the same game mechanic as these do but that would require explaining to the player what the odds of success are and probably some tweaking of the odds of success.
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If I recall correctly, the success rate for the wands depends solely on monster level -- device skill doesn't factor into it. If a monster is immune to the effect then you will notice on the first attempt, assuming of course that you can see the monster.
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According to monster-timed.c, spell2.c src file, monsters get a saving throw with

stun: 32 + monlevel - clvl/10 %
slow: 30 + monlevel %
conf: 40 + monlevel - clvl/2 %
slep: 15 + monlevel - clvl/5 %

So monsters beyond level 75 seem to have perfect saving throws for stun/slow. Confuse and sleep seem stay till end.

Uniques get two saving throws. i.e. if they had 80% chance to escape otherwise, a unique would escape 96% times.
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