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New pricing

Hi folks,

Some time this evening, or the small hours of tomorrow, depending on where you live, there should be a new nightly build. It's got a few bugfixes in it (thanks Derakon, Spacebux and others for pointing them out), but it's also finally got the new object power code, which can now cope properly with multiple pvals. So there should be no more pricing overflows and other comedy pricing screw-ups (sell for millions, buy it back for 1gp, etc.). If there are, I'm sure people will say so.

Please note that prices are quite different now. The general gist is that they have come back down to roughly 3.1 levels (for those who weren't around, they went up quite a bit before 3.2, when the AC values of heavy armour increased). Being slightly more specific:

- launchers are now much cheaper. Probably still not cheap enough for some, but perhaps a happy-ish medium.

- heavy armours are cheaper too.

- pricing of a given attribute can vary according to which slot it's in. So gloves of Dex or FA are a lot more expensive than rings of Dex or boots of FA, while ESP on a weapon is worth less than on a hat.

- weapons with +blows are now significantly more expensive.

- weapons with multiple slays/brands likewise.

- non-weapons with combat bonuses (+dam, slays/brands, blows/shots) are much more expensive.

- items with multiple resists and abilities are more expensive (there is a greater premium for covering more in a single slot).

- speed items just might be approaching vaguely sensible prices. But then again they might not.

It is of course still far from perfect - as d_m pointed out, a light xbow is almost 50% more expensive than a longbow, when it is nearly 3x the weight. That's because I haven't decided how to deal with launcher weight yet. (Or weapon weight, for that matter.)

Grateful for any feedback, as ever - especially from those playing with no_selling, who will now be relatively richer.

I know some people think that trying to price items on the basis of utility is futile, doomed, etc., and I apologise to those people for sticking with it. We've had a number of conversations on IRC about how supply/demand pricing might work, but nobody has coded it up for testing yet.
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The change has been pushed. The next build after this post will contain these changes.

I'm excited to see how it plays, and please give feedback on your thoughts.

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