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Why do I Fail to Harm *everything* (New to Game)

Level 14 High-Elf Warrior.
Just started playing last night. First time ever playing a roguelike.
I've been using: a Dagger (1d4) (+2, +9) as my weapon because I hit 4.5 times per turn with it. Was doing great but now my character couldn't even harm himself with this dagger. I've tried switching weapons (I'm pretty sure) so I don't think my dagger is somehow dull. And my wisdom has been at 7 for a while (birth) so I don't think that its that he's suddenly too dumb to hit anything.

I failed to find a reason for this. I've tried googling. So now I'm at your mercy :\ Please help.

I don't have internet so I'm going to go back home and start a couple new characters (-u parameter). If anybody would like to be extra nice and text me a solution, please do!

Here's my number/character stats:
9oh7-3four3-96one3 (words for spambot protection :S)

STR: 18/50
INT: 13
WIS: 7
DEX: 18/70
CON: 18/10
Chr: 12

Cur AC: 57
HP: 178
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Check your rings. I bet you put a Ring of the Mouse on. They greatly decrease the amount of damage you deal, in exchange for giving you more DEX and stealth.

Any time you see something like this:

(+X, +Y)


(-X, -Y)

etc, that modifies your hit and damage bonuses. Even if it's not on a weapon. Likewise, this:


is an armor bonus, even if it's not on a piece of armor.
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Timo Pietilš
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Originally Posted by Derakon View Post
Check your rings. I bet you put a Ring of the Mouse on.
That would be my bet too. RoMouse is good if you have very damaging weapon that overcomes the damage penalty and you get more blows with that ring (like branded katana or similar). Otherwise use it only when not doing melee.
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Or a ring of escaping... but yeah with 18/70 dex it's probably a ring of the mouse with a high penalty to-dam.
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