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Dean Anderson
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[Announce] Cthangband 6.8 Release (also Cthangband is now on GitHub)

As you've probably guessed from the spoiler-filled title, I've released Cthangband 6.8.

It's only a tiny change from 6.7, mostly it was just to fix the bug with level feelings not working properly.

The full list of changes (all three of them) is:
  • Fixed level always giving worst feeling for treasure regardless of how much treasure there actually is.
  • Swapped racial powers of Tcho-Tcho and Half-Ogre, since they make more sense the other way around.
  • Fixed bug where message for unsuccessfully tunneling into a vein got the type of vein wrong.

As you can see, there are barely any changes at all.

In (possibly) more interesting news, I've also started using GitHub as a source code repository, and I've made it public; so now anyone can download the source code to build it themselves or to port it or to fork it or whatever.

The 6.8 download is here.

The GitHub repository is here.
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Awesome Do you plan to add releases on github ( )?
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Dean Anderson
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I'm not sure. I need to do a bit of research to see how they work, first.

I assume it tags the state of the repository at a particular instant as being the state when a named release was made. I'm not sure what else it does, though.

A quick look at the documentation seems to show that it somehow manages binaries as well, although I'm not sure what it does in that respect.

Currently, of course, I compile binaries locally and then package them up into an installation script.

I'm not sure how that would interact with GitHub releases without a bit more research.
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Vanilla maintainer
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You can do a release completely manually (based on a git tag), and upload binaries to it. Vanilla actually uses Github workflows, which (now it's been so nicely set up by backwardsEric) automatically builds, tests and sets up the release with binaries. Have a look at Vanilla's .github/workflows directory if you're interested.
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Dean Anderson
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Posts: 187
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I don't think I can take advantage of the auto-build, since Cthangband runs on the .NET Framework and the auto-build tools only work on .NET Core.

I've made a 6.8 release and attached the installation package to it though, so people don't have to go elsewhere for links to it (that seems more stable than having links to my personal DropBox which is where previous versions have been).
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