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Whatever happened to Evil Iggy?

Easily one of the most dreaded late game Moria monsters before The Balrog? But, why wasn't his name carried over to Angband?
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From Moria author Robert Koeneke notes on the game's history ( ):

"If anyone managed to win, I immediately found out how, and enhanced the game to make it harder. I once vowed it was unbeatable, and a week later a friend of mine beat it! His character, Iggy, was placed into the game as The Evil Iggy, and immortalized... And of course, I went in and plugged up the trick he used to win..."

Possibly the different developers behind Angband didn't feel comfortable using a character who was a real-life friend of the original Moria author?
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first time i heard about evil iggy but i only played angband in the 1990s
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He is in oangband and faangband 1.x I believe in vanilla 2.9.3? I'd have to check. Really 3.x is when all the bad things happened. Rodent skeletons were removed and it was all downhill from there. Angband... Ruined...
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For such historical stuff - you are welcome to check Tangaria fragment, so won't make spoilers:

name:The Evil Iggy
desc:The Evil Iggy does a lurid dance at you!
I'm trying to collect oldschool narrative there..
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