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Malak Darkhunter
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Dajangband font question

Hey Will started playing Daj looks pretty good, I see you added my Black Knight class. I was having a problem with the tiles using the no tile option. I have # for walls. However sometimes they don't show up and leave just empty spaces here and there. I am running vista and have seen similar problems before, am I going to have to download and replace that font that Nick posted on his website? Or would the fonts from V be compatable with Dajband?
let me try this workaround...oh crap computer just went black
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hmmm, looks like I made a mistake editing font-win.prf. I changed all the granite walls to #s, but the magma and quartz walls are still set to show solid blocks, so they don't show up.

If you go into font-win.prf and change magma from
and quartz from

then they'll show correctly (as %).

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