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[PosChengband] Tonberry Ninja and non-dagger weapons

I always get "icky wield" if I try any other weapon than daggers. But in the ladder I see several Tonberry Ninjas double wielding scimitars and all sorts of other blades. Is it just a matter of training for longer on those other weapons? How do I lose the icky wield?

Edit: I equipped a Wakizashi and a Main Gauche and neither of them give me "icky wield" but the saber I tried did.... I'll keep trying things but if anyone has advice it would be much appreciated.

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Sometimes the weapons have huge enough bonuses that the penalties from icky_wield aren't so bad; on the other hand, if you meant falcon swords instead of scimitars, they actually don't have icky_wield.
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Pretty sure that ninja can train most weapon proficiencies (not some more warriory ones but definitely swords and scimitars).
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