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It would annoy me too. You might be surprised just how strongly some people feel about ads especially in an open source community. For example, I regard mass marketing to be a close relative to propaganda. The only reason I put up with the stuff is because I have no choice in the matter. So while I'd still use the site if it had ads & accept that people need to support their lives somehow, I'd be pretty disappointed that it went down that route.
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Take a look at Dwarf Fortress. Toady One has been working on it for years and years, supported only by donations from users. He actually puts out a report every month detailing how much money he has received for the month. Looking at a few samples over the years, it has ranged from ~$3K/month back in 2014, and has ramped up to over $10K/month lately (but he also recently got it on Steam, which probably accounts for a big part of the recent rise). The January reports list income for each month of the year, plus annual amounts dating back to 2007. He's gone from $19K in 2007 up to $92K in 2018.

For a while, I was amazed that he was able to keep going on the amount he was getting, but now it looks like he's getting a decent living from it (which I think is great!). So it *is* possible to make a living from game related donations.

But he's got a pretty good user base, and has put together an amazing game, especially considering it's a one-man project. And being on Steam has got to be a great development. And he's actually developing the game, while you'd be working on a website that some of the game's users will use, and some won't. My gut feeling says that would make it tougher to get people to give, but that is purely a gut feeling, so it may be worthless.

You should probably look at how many weekly active users you have on and see how much each one would have to donate on average for you to make a living wage. Then consider how many would actually donate, because you'll probably find that relatively few will actually do so.

I'd say look at weekly actives, because anyone who isn't that active is probably unlikely to give much, if at all.
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Originally Posted by khearn View Post
Take a look at Dwarf Fortress...
You better get your crayon drawing skills up to speed Gwarl!
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Yeah on reflection it's unrealistic. Just something that had been rattling around in my mind and I wanted to get out in the open.

I might still consider a patreon though, even if I can't devote my time completely to it, smaller amounts of money do make life a little easier and encourage further efforts.
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Hope the patreon helps and good luck with exams too. Angband live is a great page and altough i only use it for variant testing and casual gameplay i find it an awesome tool for the community. I also understand your wc3 enthusiasm, just check my avatar.
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