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Gokudera ElPsyCongroo
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Poschengband 7.3.5 - any hack to disable virtues?

Not sure how easy/possible it is since the engine rewrite deleted the option. The author says that maybe he'll disable virtues for Beginner Mode in the future though, so maybe it's still there, just hidden?

By the way, the rewrite seems extensive judging from the changelog and a very interesting alternative to Frogcomposband! Not sure why this one isn't talked much? Missed it while comparing variants to choose from and it's kinda starting to grow on me given how it seems to combine a lot of good points from the best variants (or Vanilla) out there

The two campains to choose from, one with a Middle Earth story divided in multiple worlds with their own maps, the other closer to Frog but randomly generated (including wilderness), improved level generation (are those prefabs or what?? Cool room shapes and dispositions), new attacks, possible number of blows, spells, etc for enemy monsters, noticably improved enemy AI (monsters call follow you upstairs, team up to attack, wake up their mates), new recall system where you have to find a special room with a recall portal, and of course new races, classes, school of magic… Interesting! But yeah, forced virtues that I'd love to disable…
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I played it some, in particular the Middle Earth campaign. In addition to the virtues, which I couldn't stand, I also didn't like how you couldn't turn off identification (I barely find Rune-based identification tolerable, let alone the old-style). I also didn't like how poorly balanced the wilderness monsters were in the second world. You beat Smaug, and then get dumped into Isengard, often surrounded by multiple Ancient dragons and giant birds, with of course no way of manipulating line of sight and very possibly very limited escape options. Didn't help either that wilderness travel in the first world was SO tedious. Having to traverse the same giant screens over and over again, and constantly getting stopped by junk monsters that were no threat, gave junk experience, and junk gear.

I got so aggravated by this that I actually hacked the source code to turn off wilderness spawns (and gave my character auto *Identify* while I was in there, and probably figured out how to rip out the virtues? Dunno, I lost those modifications a while back).
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