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Post What Did I Walk Into!?!

Was trying to escape an unrelenting horror in Sil, and dug around a trap, only to find myself surrounded by three unique balrogs--Vallach, Lungorthin, and Gothmog.
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The reason MITZE's writeup is a bit sparse is because I told him I would try to do it.

The reason these aren't posted on the ladder is because MITZE and I spent too much time talking on's chat so his game there timed out from inactivity before he had saved the dump!

The primary reason he died was because he gave up; there are other reasons contributing to that, like being in a fight with three Balrogs, their bands, an Unrelenting Horror, and four Silent Watchers, or like forgetting he had and could use Herbs of Rage, or like accidentally taking one step too many (after not noticing the nearby darkness) and getting surrounded, but in the end it was that he had 4 potions of Healing he decided not to use— when if he did use them, he would have had more time to slow down and take another look at his resources, and even without the Rage, he would have still had a sliver of a chance.

Anyway, this was a game he found Orodruth, and made a Poison Branded, rFire, +1 acc Greatsword; he had just bought a point of Con for 49 hp, he had Crowd Fighting, and enough light, so his odds against those Balrogs really weren't terrible.

He also took some things I almost never do, like Leaping as a prerequisite for Sprinting, and Curse Breaking, but still had a solid character for 950ft.

Edit: Forgot to mention the Danger he had since I tend not to care about it so late in the game; his greatsword had danger, and he was using the Crown of Dark Secrets.

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