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3.3.0 Hobbit Rogue / Death

I ran up a Hobbit Rogue in 3.3.0 (high stealth, decent device/bow) and ran him down to dl 76 in 75k turns to check out a few aspects of game play.

At dl 76

-level 33
-full base_r (rings of cold/fire, shield of lit, all armor for acid)
-no high resists inc. poison
-speed +6 (boots+cloak)
-dagger of westerness, 4 attacks
-no stats close to max
-<400 hp
-sling of accuracy, one set of acid pebbles

There was no real way to kill anything significant, the plan was to get to dl 98 and then just poke about and hopefully find :

-amulet of speed/dex/con
-ring of con/speed
-better bos
-some kind of weapon (gondolin,heaxy xbow of shots, or pool of wands)
-necessary consumables (speed, healing, destruction, genocide, tel-away)

And of course actually get something decent for armour like :

-shield of elvenkind (nether/disenchant/chaos/poison)
-DSM (chaos/law, or some artifact armour)
-gauntlets of agility/power
-helm of telepathy/might

I was hoping for something like a decent d pit and potions of same and some dispel staves to try to make this happen before Wyrms made it into them.

I was however put in an awkward situation when I found a staff of power right outside a giant pit. If I could clear it without dying it was likely the exp and possible drop could be greatly advanced. The only danger was teleport to with the titans and then a double hit to confuse.

I opened a slot, got off two shots of power and then teleport to, hit to confuse double turn and all HP to zero - blammo. That pit would have been a huge accelerator had it dropped amber/hammerhand and a x-bow of might then it would have been a stroke of genius obviously.

A few notes, the game seems very munchkin now, it is similar to other variants which have easy/cheat flags on :

-when you id something it gets *id*
-artifacts are id when you pick them up
-treasure detection (including rod!) now does object detection
-there is a massive quiver which expands the inventory
-no cursed items?
-armor classes were boosted insanely high
-stat drains seem to go away automatically (no restore potions ever seen)
-monsters seem to have been reworked / difficulty is down
-potions of curing cure much more now?

I mainly played when Ben was the maintainer and was variant hopping a lot after that and a lot of this is from memory but as a few examples :

- there do not seem to be things to breath confusion
- Hydra's seem not to be the rolling engines of destruction they once were
- I was actually capable of killing a lot of things almost up to dl 40 with that westerness weapon with three attacks and phase door.

I can see how someone like Eddie would not be positive about that direction as he spent a lot of time figuring out how to move very fast, survive with sub-optimal equipment and deal with a lot of problems which look to have just been removed from the game completely.

There are some nice things :

-squelch (infancy but there)
-some pits have items in them (animal)
-more rooms/layouts
-interesting new rings (dog, mouse)
-more mushrooms with interesting effects, some +/-

I checked out some of the development and it is going in that direction even more and some of the changes are a bit silly like the +150, +250 enchantments. I realize the coding is different but this just doesn't even look like Angband any more when you see a sling +45,+65 on dl 3 or similar. I would be curious to see where the same will be in 1-2 years under the same direction/views.
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